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Mã sản phẩm: Contura CMM

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The Reference Machine in the Compact Class

CONTURA – the broad platform from ZEISS for flexible, reliable and uncompromising quality assurance. The latest generation is even more precise and offers a large package of optical sensors on top of a larger measuring range. Outstanding scanning technology, ZEISS CALYPSO reference software and a highly tuned overall concept enable ZEISS CONTURA to cement its place as the standard in its class

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 length measurement error E0 from 1.5 + L/350 μm

Sensor variations

ZEISS CONTURA comes with a fixed passive sensor, the flexible RDS articulating probe holder or with an active scanning probe. All sensor variations enable scanning. ZEISS navigator technology comes standard with the active version – for smooth measurements without a stop & go.

Robust and precise

Depending on the configuration, ceramic or CARAT guideways are used on ZEISS CONTURA for high rigidity, low thermal expansion and minimal moving weights. Air bearings in all three axes ensure consistent stability even at high travel speeds and acceleration. The floating glass ceramic scales on ZEISS CONTURA are practically expansionfree and therefore do not require any additional temperature sensors or mathematical compensation. They are suitable for the shop floor and are protected against contamination and other influences.

Computer-Aided Accuracy (CAA)

The bridge is subjected to dynamic forces that can affect accuracy, particularly while scanning. ZEISS CONTURA calculates the compensation for such inertia effects. This ensures that the required precision remains intact even at high measuring speeds.

Convenient control

The system is controlled via a userfriendly control panel and does not need a computer. The progressive joystick enables easier and more precise control of all axis movements. The speed can be regulated in CNC mode.


  • HTG (High Temperature Gradient) for a larger temperature range (18-26°C) with the same measuring uncertainty. Features temperature sensors for the workpiece and measuring machine. Available for x= 700/1,000 mm
  • Integrated sensor rack for maximum reproducibility without recalibration
  • QuickChange fast sensor change-out for active probes
  • ZEISS AirSaver for up to 60% less consumption of compressed air

Sensor variations

The direkt sensor model is ideal for the measurement of small parts with perpendicular geometries without inclined features. Equipped with the ZEISS VAST XXT scanning sensor, ZEISS CONTURA direkt provides a particularly affordable means of entering the world of scanning technology from ZEISS for production and progress inspection of single processing stages. The alternative XDT single-point sensorcan be retrofitted on VAST XXT from ZEISS as needed. ZEISS CONTURA direkt is available up to a size of 10/16/6.
Combined with the VAST XXT sensor from ZEISS, the flexible, RDS articulating probe holder enables the scanning of features in all angular positions. With a total of 20,736 positions at 2.5° increments, RDS can reach virtually any spatial angle. This is particularly advantageous for the measurement of complex parts, for which specific stylus configurations have to be created. Calibration times are kept to a minimum thanks to optimal calibration routines. RDS also enables the use of optical sensors from ZEISS on ZEISS CONTURA.
ZEISS CONTURA aktiv comes standard with navigator technology for fast scanning in one smooth run. It can be operated with the VAST XTR gold or VAST XT gold active scanning probes from ZEISS – and is particularly wellsuited for the measurement of deep and offset features with high throughput rates. Both sensors use the same receptacle. Existing measuring programs can be used following conversion. The QuickChange fast stylus change-out system is also an option.


length measurement error E0 from 1.5 + L/350 μm

Measuring range

  X Y Z
7/7/6 700 700 600
7/10/6 700 1,000 600
10/12/6 1,000 1,200 600
10/16/6 1,000 1,600 600
9/12/8 900 1,200 800
9/16/8 900 1,600 800
12/18/10 1,200 1,800 1,000
12/24/10 1,200 2,400 1,000

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